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Camp Noquochoke: a History and Memories

When he was still a teenager, Mike Vieira spent many hours poring over the archives and scrapbooks of the Massasoit Council, working to assemble a history of Camp Noquochoke in Westport. As with many such youthful endeavors, life intervened. Mike went on to college, family life, and career, but writing and Scouting remained a presence (after the merger that resulted in Moby Dick Council, he even served as Cachalot’s Camp Director in the mid 1970s), and the urge to finish writing the history of his Scout camp never really went away. When the Alumni Association approached Mike to speak on his memories of Noquochoke at our 2008 Winter Gathering, it prompted him to dust off his manuscript and get it published. The Alumni Association made its records and photo archive available to Mike (an archive to which Mike had made significant contributions himself), and the result is Camp Noquochoke: A History and Memories, which he self published late last year.

This 100-page book is both a history of the camp from it’s beginnings in 1921 through its eventual closing in 1978 and a personal reflection on Mike’s own experiences as a Scout and staffer at Noquochoke. He plans to donate the proceeds from the sale of the book to support a campership in the memory of fellow Noquochoke staffer David Pereira and to support the ongoing efforts of the Cachalot Alumni Association to preserve the history of Scouting in the Southcoast. The book is available in both paperback and downloadable formats from Mike’s section on lulu.com, for $14.50 or $5.00, respectively. If you want to learn more about Camp Noquochoke, we heartily recommend checking it out. Congratulations and thanks to Mike for this great accomplishment!

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