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Be a Contributor!

As with all our other efforts, The Cachaletter is prepared by an all-volunteer group that is part of our Communications Committee, and extra help is always welcome. It's not all about the writing, either — we need people to do lots of different things in order to put together an issue of the Cachaletter:

  • Take pictures of our events or that are related to the stories we publish
  • Put together graphics and artwork, both hand-drawn and using computer software
  • Do page layout work to make the issues look good
  • Work with a print shop to get all our copies made
  • Fold & assemble issues
  • Stick on address labels
  • ...and, of course, research & write the articles

If you're interested in helping out, we'd love to have you! Please drop a line to us at cachaletter@cachalotalumni.org and let us know how you'd be able to help. Thanks!

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