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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Membership
    Why should I join the Camp Cachalot Alumni Association?
    There are quite a few reasons to join. Maybe you'd like have more opportunities to get together with old friends. You might be interested in learning more about the history of the Camp, or sharing what you know about it. Or, it could be that you just like membership cards! But the biggest reason most of our members join is to help ensure that future generations of Scouts and Scouters can have just as much fun, and learn just as much, from their stays at Camp Cachalot that we've all enjoyed.
    Do I have to have worked on summer camp staff to be a member?
    Absolutely not!
    Must I have attended summer camp to be a member?
    Do I have to be registered with the Boy Scouts of America to join?
    No, although there may be some projects from time to time that will take place during regular BSA programs (with boys present) that only alumni who are currently registered members of the BSA may participate in. These will be the exception and not the rule, and we'll make a note of it when announcing them.
    So, can just anyone join?
    Anyone who's ever been connected to Camp Cachalot, Camp Noquochoke, the former Moby Dick Council, or any of their predecessors, in any way, is eligible for membership in the Alumni Association. This includes Scouts and Scouters who camped at Cachalot during the year, current and former Scouting professionals, family members of those who've camped at Cachalot, even the Environmental Police officers and rangers who've helped patrol and fight fire on the property over the years.
    I'm sold. How do I join?
    Just click on over to our Membership pages, and you'll find everything you need to know, including a membership form.
    Can I join online?
    You certainly can! Just click here to get started!
  • Finances
    Where does my money go?
    It depends. Membership fees contribute directly to the Association's endowment, the principal of which is never touched. The proceeds from the events we run and the merchandise we sell typically go into a general fund -- our "operating budget." This general fund is how we pay for our (rather small) expenses. Since our goal is to grow our endowment, excess money in the general fund will typically be moved into the endowment. Other donations may be sought for specific purposes, like the Staff Scholarship fund, our Building Fund, or for specific projects that we work on out at Cachalot.
    Who controls the check book?
    Our Executive Committee, within the rules of the endowment. Our accounts are held through the Narragansett Council, BSA, and they are the not-for-profit of record for tax and accounting purposes, but the money in our accounts is for the exclusive benefit of Camp Cachalot and the Alumni Association. The endowment investments are managed by the same group of people who manage the other endowments in Narragansett Council, and should yield the same rate of return.
    So this money doesn't go to pay anyone's salary?
    No. Our Executive Committee is entirely volunteer, and no one draws a salary. The Council can only draw upon the funds at the instruction of the Alumni Association, and even if the Association were to go away the funds would remain earmarked for Cachalot.
    Are my contributions tax-deductible?
    Your membership contributions are 100% tax-deductible, as are other "pure" donations such as donations directly to the Scholarship Fund.
  • Our Website
    Do I have to be a member of the Association to use the web site and the discussion forums?
    No. Our discussion forums are open to everyone, even if they aren't members. That also means that signing up for the forums doesn't mean you've applied for membership in the Association. They're separate. In the future, members will be able to "link" their member ID number to a forum username do have access to a few areas on the site that nonmembers don't, for things like changing their contact information, but all our content will be public.
    Why do you need an email address to sign up for the forums?
    Unfortunately, we need valid email addresses, plus the other steps involved in signing up, to be sure there's a real person signing up. There's a lot of automated software run by spammers out there that would flood our forums with junk if we didn't, probably faster than our all-too-human moderators could remove it.
    What else do you use my email address for?
    If you've only given us your email address to use the forums, then the only email you'll receive will be related to the forums or from other forum users. No one can see the email address unless you explicitly turn that on in your profile. If you are a member and gave us an email address as part of your contact info, you will also receive announcements from time to time about the Alumni Association, usually for upcoming events.
    I'm a member, and I don't want any extra email. How do I make it stop?
    If you no longer want to receive Alumni Association-related emails, just send us email (or US mail, if you prefer) and tell us to stop.
    Your website looks completely broken in my browser! What's wrong?
    You're probably using an old browser. The site is designed to work in "modern" web browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, and Safari. If you are using an older browser, we recommend updating — in addition to some web sites looking odd, many old web browsers contain security holes that can expose you to other risks online. We try to make the site at least be readable in older browsers, although it may not look especially pretty. Some of the interactive features of the site may require cookies and/or JavaScript to be enabled in order to work completely (which they probably will be, unless you've turned them off), but again, you should still be able to see all of the content. It just might not look as spiffy.
    I'm using a modern web browser, just like the ones you listed, and something still looks broken. What gives?
    It could be a bug — we're not perfect. Drop our webmaestro an email with the address of the page that looks broken (in your browser's address bar), the name and version of your browser (for example, "Internet Explorer version 6", "Safari version 1.2"), and, if possible, a screen shot, and we'll try to have a look. Remember that our web staff is small, volunteer, and doing this in their free time, so we might not be able to fix everything, especially if we can't make it happen ourselves.
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