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Our Project Fund

The Association has established our Project Fund to allow us to make capital improvements at Cachalot, and to allow us to assist with year-round and summer camp program needs out at camp. All contributed funds are spent exclusively on projects and materials at Cachalot.

Past projects that have been completed, in whole or in part, with Contributions from the Project Fund include:

  • The Wall of Fame
  • The purchase of new bunks and mattresses for use during summer camp
  • The purchase of supplies for the Waterfront area of summer camp
  • Materials to help repaint a number of buildings at Cachalot
  • Seven new kayaks with paddles and PFDs for the Aquatics program (thanks in large part to a donation from the Sylvia family in memory of Cachalot alum Jeffrey Sylvia)
  • Four paddleboards and PFDs for the Aquatics program
  • New tents for campsites at Cachalot
  • Funds to assist in the construction of the Order of the Arrow Pavilion in Honor of Robert W. Lecomte

Future contributions to the fund will continue to assist us in making program and other improvements out at Cachalot, so that our local youth will be able to continue to have the time of their lives out at camp!

Individuals making donations to our project fund in excess of $100 can also receive a limited-edition print of the Cachalot waterfront circa 1994, with the old Andrew Jackson waterfront tower, as a thank-you, while our supplies of the print last.

If you would like to contribute, please follow the link below. Contributions are fully tax-deductible, and should be made to "Narragansett Council BSA" with a memo of "Cachalot Alumni Project Fund". If you have other questions, please contact us at projectfund@cachalotalumni.org.

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