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Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Camp Cachalot Alumni Association is made up of the four officers explicitly named in our bylaws, plus as many as six other members, to be named by the officers, but who are typically the chairpeople of the subcommittees of the Association or members at large. The Camping Chairman of the Narragansett Council also serves as a voting member of the Association's Executive Committee, bringing the number of voting members to eleven.

The Narragansett Council also typically sends a liason to meetings of the Executive Committee, to help ease communications between the Council and the Association and to act in an advisory capacity. This is a nonvoting role.

For the 2015-2016 membership year, the members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Brian Bastarache Committee Chairman chairman@cachalotalumni.org
Tim Connick Committee Vice-Chairman vicechairman@cachalotalumni.org
Rick Partridge Treasurer treasurer@cachalotalumni.org
Bill Begin Secretary secretary@cachalotalumni.org
Fred Barreiros Projects Chairman projects@cachalotalumni.org
Victor Sylvia Past Chairman
Sharon Boyer Membership Chairman membership@cachalotalumni.org
Bill Belmore Member-at-Large
Andy Novick Member-at-Large
Ed Tavares Member-at-Large
Dennis J. Wilkinson, II Communications Chairman webmaestro@cachalotalumni.org

The current Council liason is Joe Livinston, joe.livingston@scouting.org, who is also the Service Area Executive for the Northeast Service Area.

If you are interested in serving on any of these subcommittees, we're always looking for extra help! Please feel free to contact the Committee Chairman, or the Subcommittee Chairman of the subcommittee you're interested in, at the addresses shown above.

Selection of New Officers

At the end of every membership year, the Executive Committee names a nominating committee comprised of people who are not current officers of the Association. This nominating committee proposes the new slate of officers to the Executive Committee, who choose to elect or to not elect those proposed, continuing until all of the officer positions are filled. These new officers then select the remaining members of the executive committee, with the Council Camping Chairman automatically serving as a voting member.

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