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Volunteer Projects at Cachalot

There are always projects wanting volunteers to do them out at Cachalot, and the Alumni Association has a dedicated Projects chairman who coordinates with Cachalot's ranger to help people interested in volunteering to find appropriate projects out at camp. The current projects "wish list" is below.

How Can I Help?

If you'd like to help out with any of these projects, please contact our Projects chairman, Fred Barreiros, by sending him email at projects@cachalotalumni.org. Fred will help coordinate things so that our ranger knows when you're coming, that the appropriate materials are on-hand when you arrive, and help figure out whether any tools are required or if the camp will have tools for you. Fred will also know about any changes to the project list that might not be reflected here on our web site. Please do not just head out to camp with good intentions without contacting Fred! Coordinating with Fred and/or our ranger is important so that you don't arrive to a locked front gate or a project with no available supplies.

The Project List

Project Description Completion Goal Notes
Trading Post—Pour cement slab to replace the rotted deck on the waterfront side with footings for posts. shim up to better seal the door to the staff latrine. Replace the service door. Rodent-proof the building. Finish the gaps in the wood siding interior. Summer Camp 2016  
Waterfront Tower—Remove the back window and block off opening with T-111 siding. Repaint the structure. Summer Camp 2016 Everything is done except for stain.
Noquochoke Lodge—Repair the front and rear fascia. Sand and paint posts. Patch light holes on fascia above showers. Remove louvred door from Handicraft side of utility room and put it on the hallway side. 2016 Louvered door has been relocated.
Council Ring—Brace and repaint stage wall. Re-plumb and re-align bench posts. Replace some benches. 2016  
Showers—install new benches, clothes hooks, and soap trays in the showers or bathrooms that still need them. Materials already on-hand. 2016  
Old Well House—Replace top plate sections. Re-shingle. replace some trim. Materials already on-hand. 2016  
Adirondacks Latrine (Baden-Powell)—put up siding on gables 2016  
Latrine near Chapel—put up siding on gables 2016  
Canoe Trailer—minor repairs, grease bearings, sand, and repaint. Paint already on-hand. 2016 Work will be done by New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical School in the fall.
Welcome Center—Finish south side wall exterior. Some wiring will need to be rerouted first. Materials already on-hand. 2016  
Scrap Metal—separate non-metal from metal on trailer in maintenance yard 2016  
Noquochoke Lodge Exterior—redo two exterior shadow boxes (fiber board and paint) 2016  
Make deerfly traps and mosquito traps—good Troop project 2016  
Prefabricate Outhouses for Cabins 1 & 2—in preparation for our Beaver Day weekend, prefabricate all the panels for two new outhouses in the Maintenance building. 6/16/2016 Completed
Health Lodge—remove some interior siding above what will be a drop ceiling. Reroute some wires and put in new lights. Replace two exterior doors. Finish installation of eave screen. Summer Camp 2016 Completed
Basketball court—repaint lines 2016 Completed
Archery Range—fix sagging roof section 2016 Completed
Tree Cutting—Cut down dead red pine trees on southeast and northwest of Dining Hall 2016 Completed
Tent Platforms—Re-deck 10 platforms. 2016 Completed
Boathouse—Replace damaged northwestern windows 2016 Completed
Dining Hall—Replace gutter with seamless gutter. Materials already on-hand. 2016 Postponed indefinitely
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