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About the Camp Cachalot Wall of Fame

To support the Association's role in preserving the history of Camp Cachalot, we have established the Camp Cachalot Wall of Fame. Modeled after other “Hall of Fame”-type institutions, the Camp Cachalot Wall of Fame is intended to be a lasting memorial to the people and organizations that have been instrumental in the success of Cachalot and the experiences of those who have attended Cachalot over the years. The first inductions onto the Wall of Fame took place at our 2010 Homecoming, on July 10th, 2010, with Albert Hall, L. Fred Prefontaine, Sumner Morse, and the George W. P. Magee Foundation becoming our inaugural inductees.

Memorials, Permanent and Virtual

Our long term goal is to build a highly visible memorial wall in a prominent location at Cachalot itself, one that will be visible year-round, to honor our inductees. We are still working with the Narragansett Council to determine a suitable location, and hope to be able to reveal an initial plan when the first honorees are inducted. Because a permanent structure is likely to still be a few years away, we also plan to have a semipermanent display installed at Cachalot that will be visible both during the year-round camping season and during summer camp with information on our honorees.

In addition to a permanent Wall at Cachalot, full information on Wall of Fame inductees will be on display right here on our web site, on a virtual Wall of Fame available for anyone with a web browser.


To be eligible for induction onto the Wall of Fame, an individual or organization must meet the following requirements:

  • their first involvement with Camp Cachalot must be no less than 20 years prior to the year in which they are nominated
  • they must have made significant contributions in at least one of these four categories:
    • Service - nominations for Service are intended to recognize those people who have volunteered their own time and effort to provide physical service to camp to help improve the facility. For example, nominees in the Service category may have helped build and maintain buildings; helped with conservation efforts by planting trees or clearing campsites, helped to keep camp vehicles up and running, and so on.
    • Program - nominations for Program should recognize those volunteers who have helped to provide excellent programs for Scouts and Scouters at camp, whether it be by creating, organizing, or helping conduct events at camp, preserving the campfire traditions at Cachalot, or teaching and training Scouts and Scouters.
    • Professional - nominees in the Professional category would include any employee of the council or the Boy Scouts of America as a whole who have gone above and beyond the requirements of their job in the service of Camp Cachalot. This includes Scouting professional and office staff, Rangers, and members of the summer camp staff.
    • Financial - nominations in this category should be for those people and organizations who have made significant financial contributions expressly for Camp Cachalot. This category is not intended to recognize those large financial contributors to Scouting or to the council more generally, but rather those contributions with a direct, intentional, lasting impact on Camp Cachalot itself.
  • they must be vetted and approved by the Camp Cachalot Alumni Association‘s Wall of Fame, Veteran‘s, and Executive Committees.

Nomination Process

Anyone may nominate an individual or organization for consideration for induction onto the Wall of Fame. No one may nominate themselves. Living nominees may decline nomination or induction if they so choose. The individual making the nomination does not need to be a member of the Association to do so, although only members may actually cast ballots (see below). A nomination is made by completing and submitting a current nomination form (which may be downloaded here (332K PDF document)) and submitting it to the Association before that year's submission deadline (usually mid-March, but always available on this web page.)

Forms may be submitted either via electronic mail to walloffame@cachalotalumni.org or by returning the form via US Mail to:

Camp Cachalot Alumni Association
  c/o Narragansett Council, BSA
P. O. Box 14777
East Providence, RI 02914

Nominations received before the submission deadline are vetted by the Wall of Fame committee of the Alumni Association for completeness, eligibility under the rules above, and appropriateness. Vetted nominations are presented to the Executive Committee of the Association for final approval for that year's ballot. Unsuccesful nominations may be retained by our Veteran's Committee for consideration in later years. Any nomination may be rejected by the Wall of Fame, Veteran's, or Executive committee at their discretion, but their focus will be on completeness, eligibility, and appropriateness. Those nominations that are approved by the Executive Committee are placed onto that year's ballot.

Voting and Election

Only actively registered members of the Camp Cachalot Alumni Association during the voting period are eligible to cast ballots for the Wall of Fame. Members of the Association will be contacted with ballot information as soon as practical once the ballot is finalized.The maximum number of honorees for a given ballot will be half the number of nominees on the ballot (rounding down), with a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2), as shown in the following table:

Number of nominees Maximum number of votes on ballot
1, 2, or 3 1
4 or more 2

Each active member of the Association may cast votes for as few as zero (0) nominees or as many at the maximum number of nominees described above. The actual maximum number will always be clearly stated on the ballot.

To be elected, a nominee must be one of the top (maximum number of votes on ballot) vote-getters for that year, and must receive votes from at least fifty percent (50%) of those members of the Association casting votes (this means that a member can effectively cast a vote against the entire roster of nominees by casting a blank ballot, or abstain with no effect by not casting a ballot).

The voting period will normally end in mid—May, actual dates will always be available on this web page and be clearly stated on the ballot. For 2016, votes must be received electronically or postmarked by Friday, May 13th, 2016.

Each year's inductees will be recognized in the Cachaletter, and the induction ceremony will be conducted at Homecoming, at Cachalot, in the summer.

More Information

Information on this year's dates and a downloadable nomination form are available in the sidebar on this page. If you have questions, please contact us via email at walloffame@cachalotalumni.org.

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