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Family Camping Rules

These rules are provided to us by the Council. All those participating in our family camping weekends are expected to abide by them.

We here at Cachalot welcome our non-scouting campers and families to what we Scouters call our "home away from home". As you enjoy this property (and all its natural beauty), we would just like to point out a few rules that you may not be aware of.

  • This is not public property. This Camp is not part of Myles Standish State Forest. It is owned and operated by the Narragansett Council, BSA. All persons using this property must be authorized to do so by the Council, its Designated Agents, or the Ranger.
  • We do not allow campers, motor-homes, or pop-up tents.
  • We do not allow pets in camp. (On a leash or otherwise.)
  • The camping areas are not parking lots. Vehicles are restricted beyond the Welcome Center. Please contact the event chairperson or your Unit Leader for details on what to expect.
  • While driving in and out of our Camp, please stay within the speed limit, turn down your radio, and be sure every passenger has a seatbelt. (No riders in the backs of pickup trucks please.)
  • Do not damage or deface Camp property or its buildings.
  • Do not cut, or damage our trees or vegetation. Dry wood is available in the parking area.
  • DO NOT LITTER. Trash barrels are few and far between. Our Scouts are usually mindful of not generating trash, so don't be surprised if you have to "pocket it" until you come to a trash barrel. The practice of picking up trash if you see it is always very appreciated here.
  • We do not have maid service here. The duties for keeping the facilities clean is shared by all.
  • Bikes can be ridden into or out of Camp on the main road or our one "bike trail". We do not allow bike riding in main camp. However, Myles Standish has miles of trails and maps are available here or at the Forest Headquarters. WE ALSO RENT BIKES.
  • We allow fishing on all of our ponds. We practice "catch and release" DO NOT FISH WITHIN THE "WATERFRONT" AREA OR OFF ITS DOCKS.
  • We only allow Cachalot watercraft on our ponds. WE DO RENT CANOES AND ROWBOATS. Approved PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices) must be worn by all individuals in any watercraft. NO ONE GOES IN THE WATER ANYWHERE IN CACHALOT WITHOUT A LIFEGUARD OR APPROVED SUPERVISION.
  • Quiet time is between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
  • Most of our sites have fire rings. 1/2 barrels are also available. Do not create your own fire pit. Keep the fires small. No chemically treated or painted wood or wood with nails in it. No fuels are to be used to light or accelerate the fire. You must keep two buckets of water nearby when your fire is lit. Your fire must be COLD OUT if not attended. The Ranger reserves the right to refuse fires if conditions are too dangerous.
  • We do not allow smoking in any of our buildings or near youth. We feel it is a worthwhile inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation. BE MINDFUL THAT MOST FOREST FIRES START WITH "CARELESSLY FLICKED CIGARETTES". PLEASE PUT THE BUTTS IN YOUR POCKET OR THE TRASH. THEY ARE NOT BIODEGRADEABLE.
  • Shoes must be worn everywhere in Camp. The only place that shoes are optional is at our "Waterfront" where our staff has diligently raked the sand for your safety.
  • Last but not least: smile, be kind and courteous, respect nature and others around you, try to do a good turn each day, and have fun.

Here at Cachalot (as with all Boy Scout camps) we try to live by a higher standard. It is all part of what makes the Scouting Experience a valuable part of the lives of our youth. We do realize that your family or group is only visiting Cachalot, but while you are here we thank you for adhering to these rules and respecting our property.

The Cachalot Staff

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